Attending Graduate School to Obtain an MBA

Do I really need to go to graduate school?

That’s the question several graduating college and university seniors will be asking themselves as they do their diploma walk this season. Yet for business majors, obtaining an MBA (Master of Business Administration) has an immense amount of a value and should be taken very seriously. MBA’s have increased the career prospects and salary quotes of its holders, and can do so for you as well.

There are several different programs available, from Mini-MBA’s which are usually in the form of non-credit courses and require less than 100 hours of formal learning hours (this is usually an internship or non-profit work) to a Dual MBA which allows a student to pursue two degrees simultaneously, cut down on tuition costs and schooling time as well as tailor the educational needs of the student directly to their career pursuits.

What should one look for when choosing the right graduate school?

The following are some preliminary steps to think about:

  • Networking potential
  • Financial aid services
  • Social life
  • Post-grad career support

Since there are tons of schools offering MBA programs all over the US, use this guide (with statistical info provided by the folks at Graduate Programs) to help you navigate your options. Good luck!

Attending Graduate School to Obtain an MBA from Starts At Eight

Author Bio:

Vera M. Reed is a former educator who is still passionate about helping students with their academic journeys. She hopes you enjoy this graphic!