Funny Kid Stories

Chloe: So Chloe came home from gymnastics on Thursday night telling her usual tales.  She rides home most nights with one of her coaches, Alicia.  Chloe and Alicia we apparently talking about dinner.  We had veal and periogies for dinner on Thursday night.  So Chloe tells Alicia that we had veal and “ferogies” for dinner.  What are “ferogies”?  Not really sure, but I texted Alicia after Chloe arrived home to make sure she knew that we did not have fried baby froggies for dinner! 🙂

Jayden: Jayden is sitting across from me at the homeschool table this week.  He is doing his school work and I am working on who knows what.  He looks up at me with this cheezy ‘I am going to win brownie points with Mommy smile’ and says, “I am going to be a homeschool teacher.”.  Now this struck me as funny coming from Jayden.  I would have expected it from Chloe, but not my little football playing, rough housing boy!  So I replied back to him, “Really, you are going to stay home and teach your children?”.  He promptly replied, “Yes, my wife will go to work and bring home the money.” 😀

Ava: Ava is in a new phase of sounding out letters and words.  Every time she says a word she says its beginning sound and wants to list more words with the same sound.  Fun game for her, very old game for me!  So the kids and I are all in the truck driving to ice skating this week, playing this new game of course.  We started with M, and moved on to D.  As we are all calling out words that start with D, I say, “Daddy”.  Ava then yells out with enthusiasm like she had just won a prize, “We have a daddy!”. 😈