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Among the homeschooling community, I often see and hear of people who are struggling with math. Parents often have a hard time teaching it, and kids often have a hard time learning it. Which of course turns into both parent and child dreading it! Anytime I can find a resource that can help with this dilemma, I am super excited, and if it is in the form of free online math practice, I am even happier!

FREE Online Math Practice from from Starts At Eight


Throughout our years of homeschooling, we have had our share of math struggles. Our oldest has been through many tears and distress on our journey to find the right math curriculum for her. Our son on the other hand, loves math. But this year he has hit a bit of a sticky spot and has been in need of review and extra practice in certain areas.

We have recently been introduced to a site called This is a free online math website dedicated to teaching kids important math concepts and offering them fun, engaging ways to do it. Ok, let me just say this one more time as I think it bears repeating, this is a FREE online math website!!

This has proven to be a fabulous and cost effective resource to use with our son as he works his way through 6th grade math.

Free Online Math Practice offers free online math practice for all grades! (At the time of this post Grades 10-12 were coming soon.) Use it as a helpful tutor in sticky areas, use it for extra practice for those areas that are trickier for your student, or use it as your regular math curriculum.

For 6th grade this year our son is using it to help him with the trickier math and to get extra practice to help solidify the math in his mind.

iPracticeMath 6th Grade from Starts At Eight

With your student can:

  1. Learn about the math concepts with basic descriptions and examples right online.
  2. Practice Online – As a homeschool student your child can work online and as their parent you can view reports and manage their account! It works well not only on the computer, but also allows you to go mobile by working on tablets too! (Read this as, “yet another thing the iPad is good for!”)
  3. Do worksheets (either online or printed). This option allows your student to do worksheets either online, or to print and do on paper. With either option you have access to the answers for easy checking!
  4. Be Rewarded! offers printable certificates that can be used to reward your student for a job well done! I also like to keep them in their homeschool portfolios as added proof of completion.

Topics Covered:

  • Addition
  • Algebra
  • Comparing
  • Decimals
  • Division
  • Fractions
  • Measurement
  • Multiplication
  • Rounding
  • Statistics

Besides the fact that this program is FREE, it covers all ages, and offers both learning and practice options, it has something else I totally love, built in scrap paper!

Built In Scrap Paper:

My son is forever skipping out on writing out the problems because he doesn’t have paper or pencil in front of him. With the scrap paper is built in so there is never an excuse for not working out the problem! Even this feature works on our iPad which I was totally surprised by, and of course thrilled with because when you are mobile it is even harder to tote around pencil and paper!

iPracticeMath Scrap Paper from Starts At Eight

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