Finding Time for What Matters Most

I am sitting in front of my computer today, having waited until the last minute to write my post, and feeling anxious about getting it done. Why? Not so much because it is due today, as I know I will find leeway and grace with the wonderful ladies to whom are waiting patiently for this to be done! But more because of what I am NOT doing while I stress about a good topic for this post.

I am NOT playing catch, shooting hoops, jumping on the trampoline, swimming in the pool, reading a book, sitting in front of the fire, riding bikes, exploring the pond, sitting at the beach, etc. There are so many pulls in our lives, like laundry, a clean house, blogging, dinner, reading for yourself, a hobby you love, and more, that I often find it hard to strike a balance, as well as to fit everything in.

Tonight I walked away from this blaring white screen to sit at my daughter’s soccer game, and to take the kids to the pool after a very hot night of playing soccer. Now here I sit again, pondering the choices I make. Does it matter that I have an entire basket of laundry in my room waiting to be folded, or a dishwasher full of clean dishes waiting to be emptied? I say, NO!

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