Get My Facebook Updates in Your Facebook Feed

Hello there Starts At Eight readers! I’ve had a few people say they’re not getting my Facebook feeds all of the time. 🙁

Unfortunately Facebook likes to only deliver my posts to a few of you unless I pay for advertising.

Get My Facebook Updates in Your Feed

If you’d like to see what we’re up to, you can visit the Starts At Eight Facebook page, make sure you have clicked “Like” to subscribe.

The button should then say “Liked” . Next move just to the right where you will see a “Following” box.  If you click the little drop down arrow next to it a selection of options will pop up! Be sure that you either have “See First” or “Default” selected under your News Feed. Then check to be sure your notifications are set to “On”.

I hope that helps! And thank you so much for all of your encouragement, Starts At Eight wouldn’t be what it is with out all of you!!

Yes, I mean YOU, reading this post.

Stay Tuned this Summer!

Stay with me this summer as I finish up our Life Skills as High School Electives: Home Economics & Shop Class series.

You can also check out what curriculum we will be using for 2017-2108 (as well as all of our previous choices).

PLUS be sure to stay tuned as we plan and work through our Using a Timeline for Middle School American History.