4+ DIY Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners seem to be all the rage right now. Kids are loving them and teachers are loving to hate them. As homeschoolers we don’t have the kind of main stream pressure that public school kids do. Nonetheless we have seen the adds, watched them be given as birthday gifts, and heard all their friends talking about them.

4+ DIY Fidget Spinners - And some educational ways to use them! from Starts At Eight

4+ DIY Fidget Spinners

Instead of just running out and buying them, I thought we might be able to find some ways to make them instead. While we might spend a little in supplies, it would be worth it for the activity and learning process.

1.  Craft Stick Fidget Spinner with Skate Bearing

Here’s what you need to make a fidget spinner:

Head over to Kids Activity Blog for the full directions on how to make this fidget spinner.

2.  Cardboard Fidget Spinners

3. Bottle Cap Fidget Spinner

Jump to the 30 second mark in this video for the tutorial on this Bottle Cap Fidget Spinner.

4.  DIY Lego Fidget Spinner

Here is a link with a tutorial and great photos of creating your own Lego Fidget Spinner.

Educational Ways to Use a Fidget Spinner

Last but not least I found this article with 5 {Educational} Ways to Use a Fidget Spinner in Your Homeschool that you might want to check out after you have created your own fidget spinners!