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  1. Nicole
    June 2, 2015 @ 1:40 pm

    Does NYS accept the online cat test from Christian Liberty? I’m having trouble finding that information.

  2. Heidi
    June 2, 2015 @ 5:12 pm

    Yes Nicole. The CAT Test is an acceptable test in NYS. I have used the online version myself. Here is a link from NYHEN that lists the tests the SED has approved beyond the ones listed in the regulations.

  3. carol maimone
    April 6, 2016 @ 10:28 am

    Hi Heidi- I am also in NYS and homeschooling for the first time this year (9th grade) Can I administer the CAT test myself or do I need a designated proctor? Thanks!

  4. Heidi
    April 6, 2016 @ 11:29 am

    According to the regulations you have the option to be the “other person” with the superintendent’s approval to administer the test. Some districts allow it and others do not. You would be best to connect with other homeschoolers in your district to find out how your district handles it.

  5. Carol Maimone
    April 6, 2016 @ 11:54 am

    Much appreciated, thx Heidi!

  6. Valerie Canfield
    November 12, 2017 @ 7:29 pm

    If your child is in 7th grade do you order 7th grade cat or 8th grade cat

  7. Heidi
    November 13, 2017 @ 10:18 am

    You would order the 7th grade CAT

  8. Angela F.
    November 27, 2017 @ 3:06 pm

    Hi Heidi, I love your blog, as a NYS homeschooler I find it to be an amazing font of information. I’m having a bit of test anxiety… what if my children fail. I have discovered there are a lot of gaps (that I’m obviously trying to fill) in my kids learning and I am really concerned. Math is a struggle for both of them. How will it affect my ability to homeschool if they don’t do well? Sorry, my second year homeschooling and now that we’re finally getting our groove the stuff that they didn’t understand in public school has become glaringly obvious. Thank you!

  9. Heidi
    November 28, 2017 @ 4:27 pm

    Angela, I would recommend you have your kids take a CAT Test now. That way you can see how they are performing on the test before getting anxious about it. The results will also help you narrow down what skills you need to help them strengthen. They only need to score about the 33rd percentile to be considered passing (and that is an average of all the sections, not each section alone). If the score below that you will have time to work on it before having to test at the end of the year and send results in. Even then, if they don’t pass there is a probationary period for your homeschool in which you have time to work on raising their scores.

  10. Daisy Dejesus
    June 4, 2019 @ 11:51 pm

    Hello, This is My first time doing the annual assessment for my 7th gd daughter. I started Home schooling towards the end of January 2019. I’m still trying to figure things out. I’m in the Bronx. Wanted to know how much time is given for the Cat test? And also which test you think is best ? I don’t want to give her something that’s not on her level. Are they all timed? My daughter does well but she can be difficult when it’s time to do her lessons. It’s still an adjustment we need to get on and she thinks she is free from school being home and tries to distract me but it doesn’t work lol. P.S. Your site is wonderful, so happy I found it.

  11. Heidi
    June 5, 2019 @ 12:48 pm

    Un-timed CAT tests are now available! NYS now allows for un-timed testing! I always use the online version for ease of use and fast test results.

  12. Deborah
    August 2, 2021 @ 1:48 pm

    Hello! I will be homeschooling my 11th grader as of Sept 2021&both of us are excited&nervous. Id like to give him the untimed cat test online(1970) version just to see where he is academically. School was disappointing to say least in teaching. If I give this to him in august 2021 and he performs well and meets standards c aas n I use this for submitting in may or june2022? Thanks!

  13. Heidi
    August 10, 2021 @ 10:49 am

    Hi Deborah! Sorry for the late response, I was away on vacation. I don’t know that there are exact time parameters set out in the NYS Homeschooling Regulations, but I would say no. While it is technically within the same school year (they run July 1st, to June 30th), that is the beginning of the year and testing needs to be done at the end of the year within the appropriate CAT Test Level. Although I suppose if he takes the 11th grade test and performs well you might be able to use it. It would also just depend on if your district decides to kick it back or not based on the date. Since the test is inexpensive, and if he does well on it, I would probably just do another one at the end of the year.

  14. Daisy
    April 7, 2022 @ 2:16 pm

    My daughter is in 1st grade.This is my first time homeschooling.Does she need to take a test too?

  15. Heidi
    April 12, 2022 @ 9:36 am

    That would depend on what state you are in. You’d have to check your state’s homeschooling regulations.

  16. Vanessa
    June 11, 2022 @ 9:40 pm

    Does the CAT untimed, online test require somebody to administer it? My child is 14 and uses Teaching Textbooks independently. Can she just do this herself, as well?

  17. Heidi
    June 13, 2022 @ 5:26 pm

    Not really. All the instructions are online. They read and then start the test. I just sit in the room while they are testing.

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