Mr. D Math College and Career Readiness

As you approach the teen years with your children, you really start to focus on their future and preparing them for a future outside of your home.

Things like doing their own laundry, money management, and general house maintenance are a few things on our list. College and Career Readiness is also a big one. Whether they are planning for college, or heading straight for a career, there a so many things they need to know!

If you have been around here for any length of time, you know I am a BIG PROPONENT of teaching life skills, especially in high school. I wrote an entire series dedicated to teaching life skills called Life Skills as High School Electives – Home Economics & Shop Class. This includes things like sewing, laundry, basic household repairs, wood working skills, and more.

Life Skills as High School Electives: Home Economics & Shop Class from Starts At Eight. Teaching your kids life skills is a great way to learn and earn high school credit! Includes FREE Printable Record Keeping Sheets!

But what about things like setting goals, using calendars, time management, check writing, banking, the stock market, and resume writing? For things like these we have found an awesome College and Career Readiness course from Mr. D Math.

Mr. D Math College and Career Readiness

Mr. D Math College and Career Readiness is a self-paced course designed to teach teens life skills that will aid them in things like time management, banking, resume writing and more.

{Disclaimer: I received free access to Mr. D Math College and Career Readiness and was compensated for my time in writing this review.  All views are my own and I was not required to write a positive review. Please see my full Disclosure Policy for more details.}


“I Will Bring Life to the Skills Teens Need for
Success… I Will Create Leaders Who are Committed
to Making a Difference!”  -Mr. D

What’s Covered in College and Career Readiness?

This course was previously named Life Skills 4 Teens, but has since been renamed.

I love that it includes:

General skills everyone needs (goal setting, time management, bank accounts,

Things specific to college bound teens (writing college applications, a College Campus Virtual Field Trip)

And things for career oriented teens (Resume Writing, Virtual Field Trip to EA Sports,)

There is so much packed into this full semester (16 week) course.

  • Goal Setting
  • Learning about Your Learning Style
  • Time Management
  • Financial Literacy
  • The Stock Market
  • Check Writing, Credit Cards, Bank Accounts
  • College Applications
  • Resume Writing
  • And More!

What We Think About Mr. D Math College and Career Readiness

My youngest daughter (9th grade) is taking this course, and was super excited to do so as she isn’t 100% sure what path she will take yet.

For this reason she really loved that the course included a career interest assessment to help show her careers that might fit her interest.

Self-Contained and Graded

We love that everything you need for this course is right in the dashboard!

Each lesson begins with a recorded video of one of Mr. D Math’s live College and Career Readiness courses. Then there are downloads for activities and places to submit all work. Then there is a teaching assistant that grades submitted work, offering specific feedback as well as the assigned grade.

No Tests!

My daughter loved the more project based nature of this course. No tests, just things like short responses and essays, specific tasks such as starting a Google Calendar, watching short videos.


Most Mr. D Math online classes are offered with a choice of self-paced or live. While we LOVE Mr. D Math live classes for all the interaction and feedback, our schedule doesn’t always line up with class times.

Having the self-paced option is awesome! You get all the same things as the live classes, minus the live interaction, PLUS the flexibility to complete the course whenever it fits into your schedule.

Self-paced courses are available year-round. Once you purchase a course, you have until March of the following school year to submit assignments. Beyond that time you will still have access to the course, but you will not be able to submit assignments and receive grades/feedback.


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Planning High School Electives

Looking to use this Mr. D College and Career Readiness course as a high school elective? Awesome!

Want help planning your student’s high school electives? Check out this FREE Plan Your High School Electives Printable Pack.

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  2. Step Two: Top 10 Electives to Explore – question to help you narrow the field of options, along space for keeping track of possible resources, curriculum, classes, etc.
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