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Now that you know the answer to the questions: What is A CLEP Exam? and Why Take a CLEP Exam? your next question might very well be, “How do I prepare for a CLEP Exam?”

CLEP Exam Study Resources from Starts At Eight

In this third article I am going to tell you a little bit of how we prepared for our first CLEP Exam and offer you a variety of resources for studying/preparing to take a CLEP Exam.

In my mind there seems to be two ways teens around us are approaching their CLEP Exams. The first is to just find resources and exclusively study to pass a specific CLEP Exam. The second is more like us, where you are taking a class first and then do some specific study to pass the CLEP in that subject.

To accomplish our goal of taking a class first, one of the resources we are using and love is We had the opportunity to try out and review JumpCourse. We were so pleased with it that we are using it for both Psychology and Sociology this year.

With either of these methods, when it comes down to preparing for and taking the CLEP in a specific subject, you end up using the same types of resources.

CLEP Exam Study Resources

1. Last year we had the opportunity to review a program that takes a year of time and has you intensely studying and taking 13 CLEP Exams in that time period. Dual Credit at Home is a program that lays out a year of study plans in a specific order and has you working towards a goal of 13 CLEP Exams. This is awesome if you really want/need to get a bunch of college credit under your belt.

2. Part of the above program was an online study site called Speedy Prep. For a monthly fee you get access to over 20 different courses of study. After reading a brief study guide you dig in to answering questions. The site tracks your progress along the way.

3. The College Board website offers exam details, sample questions, and additional study resources.

4. Free CLEP Prep offers free study guides as well as free access to practice exams.

5. There are also tons of book resources out there to help you with your CLEP Exam study. Below are just a few examples:

Interested in learning more about earning college credit through a CLEP exam?

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