Thanksgiving Thankfuls ~ November 1st, 2011

Two years ago at this time I started a daily status on Facebook for something that I was thankful for. The challenge was to post a new/different “Thankful” each day of the month in honor of Thanksgiving. I had not given it too much thought last year until one of my Facebook Friends sent me a private message:

“Remember last year you started the Daily Thankful post. You going to do it this year too? And when did it start? Nov. 1st? We loved it last year! 🙂 It was nice; a few people in my family loved posting and we got a lot of laughs too! 🙂 It’s nice to notice and appreciate everyday things and gripe less. (sometimes it’s easier to gripe- about 95% of Facebook is.) Like a smile, it was catchy…thanks for the idea again!”

So last year I delved into the Thanksgiving Thankfuls again. Only I extended it to my blog. Once again this year I am resurrecting the Thanksgiving Thankfuls. I don’t currently have a linky going because I have not had much success with them. But if you would like to join me in Thanksgiving Thankfuls this year please grab my Thanksgiving Thankfuls button to add to your post, or blog, and leave me a comment with a link to your Thanksgiving Thankfuls post. I will compile all of them and put them together in my Thanksgiving Thanksfuls post at the end of each week. If we start to get a bunch of people participating then I will start adding a linky.

Here is the code for my Thanksgiving Thankfuls Button:

<a title=”” href=”″><img style=”border: none;” title=”Thanksgiving Thankfuls” src=”×500.jpg” alt=”” width=”200″ height=”175″ /></a>

Jenny over at A Mother’s Heritage is doing something similar on her Facebook page this month.