Solar System Unit Study

Unit studies are my favorite way to engage my children in learning about science topics. We have so much more fun exploring in this more free flowing way than by reading out of a text book. This Solar System Unit Study is one I am preparing for the coming year for my children.

Solar System Unit Study from Starts At Eight

Beyond planning this Solar System Unit Study, I have also created a Hands On Science: Rocks & Minerals Unit Study that I will be using with my children. These are creating the basis of our earth science unit for the coming year.

Solar System Printables

  1. Scale of the Solar System – lesson and printable
  2. Notebooking Pages – A 20 page .pdf including Fact Pages for Each Planet– Distance from the sun, diameters, composition, #of moons, etc. Additional Fact Pages– Included are the sun, moon, asteroids, meteorites, comets, Pluto & dwarf planets. And 5 Lined Pages for mini-reports, paragraph writing or copywork.
  3. Space Interactive Notebook  – Bring your science journal to life using these Space interactive sheets. 45 pages are included.
  4. FREE Printable Space Pack – Specifically for ages 2-7. Includes over 100 pages.
  5. Montessori Inspired Astronomy Units – A collection of astronomy units.
  6. Enchanted Learning – This site has been a huge resource for the elementary years with my children. Packed with tons of information and great printables.

Video Resources

Solar System Books

Solar System Books from Starts At Eight

1. The Planets – The Definitive Visual Guide To Our Solar System from DK

The Planets from DK US

I am just amazed at the gorgeously detailed photos and information in this book. From solar eclipses to lunar crates, Saturn’s rings, dwarf planets and so much more! This is a great upper level resource for this solar system unit study.

The Planets from DK US

2. Space Exploration from DK

Space Exploration a DK Eyewitness Book

My middle school aged son really loves this one. From the dreams of early explorers like Jules Verne to the future of space tourism this book covers all the fun and exciting space travel innovations throughout the years. This book ends with a comprehensive timeline from 1957-2014.

Space Exploration Timeline from DK's Eyewitness Space Exploration Book

3. The Usborne Book of Astronomy & Space – With Internet Links

This book has some great features for you study of not just the planets, but other things in space such as the constellations. One of the highlights is the quick reference charts in back for constellations, astronomical symbols, a timetable of astronomy landmarks, and an interesting question and answer section.

4. Scholastic News Nonfiction Readers for Each Planet

Earth is just one of the planets plus the sun and the moon that you can get in this series! They make great resources for the younger elementary ages.

5. Other Favorites

6.  Space and Planets – Glow In The Dark from DK

Stars and Planets: Glow in the Dark from DK

This is by far the hallmark of this book collection for younger readers! This book includes fun tidbits about each planet and a stargazing guide. I love the thick board book style pages and peek a boo hole in the middle where you see a piece of each of the planets!

The bigger thriller in this one is the poster and 100 Glow In The Dark Stickers!! You can be sure that this one is going right up on the wall in my little one’s room for her to decorate with the stickers and enjoy the glow at night.

Stars and Planets Glow in the Dark Poster from DK

{Disclosure: I received a copy of the 3 DK books. My opinions are my own, and I was not required to post a positive review. Your experience may vary. Please see my full Disclosure Policy for more details.}


  1. The Nine Planets – online interactive learning
  2. The Story of the Solar System – learn about other other objects in the solar system (asteroids, comets)
  3. Constellations – A SMARTboard file introducing the constellations.
  4. Model of the Solar System – use Play-doh to create a small scale model of the solar system
  5. Scale Model of the Solar System – Middle School Activities – Informational and hands on lesson including creation of their own model
  6. Inflatable Solar System – This has been hung in our house twice so far and will be going up for a third time this coming fall. You can bet that each one of my kids have loved having this large scale solar system hung up across our homeschool room.

Solar System on Pinterest

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