The Periodic Table Rap ~ Fun & Resources for the Periodic Table!

Are you working on learning about the Periodic Table of Elements this year? When our kids were younger focus was with the first 10, but also covered some general things about the way the table is set up as well.

The Periodic Table Rap - AL ittle fun with the Periodic Table from Starts At Eight. Make chemistry and learning the Periodic Table fun with this little song. Plus tons of Periodic Table resources for all ages: elementary, middle school, and high school! Great tools for your homeschool or classroom!

One of the first things we did was learn about an atom and its parts, as well as to create the first 10 elements with marshmallows. I talked about both of these in my Week 3 Weekly Wrap-Up.

The Periodic Table Rap

Each one of our lessons begins with a poem to help the kids learn and remember the new information. The one we did for Week 4 was particularly fun for the kids. As we were reciting it they turned it into more of a rap as the title would suggest, instead of just reciting it the regular way. So of course I got out the camera and took a video of them doing their “rap” because we all know it will make great fodder in the years to come, and it was a way to make their learning fun!

The Periodic Table Rap

Each element in its own place.
Each one has its own special space.

Each type of atom has its own symbol.
Nicknames help them to be more nimble.

The periods are written in rows.
Left to right is how it goes.

Seven periods are we.
Just remember 4 + 3.

The groups are written up and down.
Chemical families like to hang around.

They are similar to each other,
These 18 groups are like brothers.

The number of protons equals the atomic number.
It is an important fact to “remumber”.

Protons + neutrons is the atomic mass,
That’s the fact I wrote down last.

If you learn this you’ll be great at chemistry.
Just you wait and see!

Periodic Table Resources

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