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Online homeschooling has become more and more popular as our digital capabilities and resources explode! Homeschooling has been made infinitely more accessible due to the availability of so many online homeschool resources. 

Throughout my years of homeschooling we have used many online homeschooling curricula, programs, and resources. One of the resources we have used for multiple children is

Online CLEP Test Prep with from Starts At Eight. makes it easy for students to earn college credit by helping with CLEP Test Prep via their online program, They offer study guides, practice tests and more! has been a source of CLEP Preparation for both my high school aged children who have each passed multiple CLEP Exams after using to prepare.

Online Homeschooling with

Since we have loved as a CLEP Preparation resource you can image how excited I am that is now offering an online homeschool option! offers flexible & affordable online homeschooling courses for homeschoolers in grades 3-12 with features like automated grading and a mobile app! now has Online Homeschooling for grades 3-12

This dedicated homeschool resource page is aimed exclusively at homeschool families! has spoken with many homeschooling parents in recent months, listened to their stories and developed a curriculum package that they feel fulfills the community’s needs. 

Homeschooling with 

  • Is flexible and practical – their new Family Plan offers connected parent and child accounts.
  • Allows students to achieve dual credit.
  • Gives students the opportunity to learn non-traditional subjects like marketing or criminology. (View all courses)
  • Incorporates many learning styles.
  • Offers simple lesson planning, automatic grading and progress tracking! 

New to Homeschooling FAQ Page also developed a FAQ for families new to homeschooling, based upon the experiences of the many people who have had to pick their way carefully through this confusing and often daunting process.

There you can find helpful information on homeschooling in general such as pros/cons of homeschooling, homeschool field trip ideas, homeschool laws by state, and more.

Award Winning! recently received an award from Homeschooling Parent Magazine, where they selected for their 2019 Homeschool Friendly Award.

Online Homeschooling Plans & Pricing

Get the perfect homeschool plan for your child!’s platform represents great value in meeting the online homeschooling needs of homeschoolers!