5 Reasons To Use An Online Homeschool Planner

I am a type-A organizational nut! I LOVE lists that I can check off and color coded calendars for all the people in our house. I have tried many planners, calendar systems, chore charts, etc. While I am a paper and pencil girl, I use an online homeschool planner to keep us all organized and on task.

5 Reasons To Use An Online Homeschool Planner from Starts At Eight

5 Reason To Use An Online Homeschool Planner

  1. Ease of Access – No books or binders to carry. Just log-in wherever there is internet access, on any computer.
  2. Offers Both Digital & Paper – If you have trouble giving up paper like me, no worries. You can work and rework your stuff online and then print to your heart’s content.
  3. Quick & Easy Adjustments – No pencil, eraser, pen or white out needed. Make changes online and then reprint a neat and tidy new document.
  4. Long Term Record Keeping – Year after year all of your information is stored in one place (online) and is easily accessible at any time. For high school you can easily create transcripts with the online data you have created each year while record keeping.
  5. Ease of Creating Documentation – No sifting through pages and pages of your planner to check grades. Simply make your selections within your online planner and print the grade sheet, transcript, attendance record, etc.

Even though I use an online homeschool planner, I still print out things like weekly assignment sheets for my children, attendance records to fulfill the New York State Homeschooling Regulations, report cards, and transcripts. Doing this offers me the best of both the paper and digital worlds.

Benefits of Using Homeschool Planet As An Online Homeschool Planner

Benefits Of Using Homeschool Planet As An Online Homeschool Planner from Starts At Eight

{Disclosure: I received this product for free and was compensated for my time in writing this review. My opinions are my own, honest opinions and I was not required to post a positive review. Your experience may vary. Please see my full Disclosure Policy for more details.}

1. A Homeschool Planner Plus Life Organizer

Not only is Homeschool Planet a homeschool planner, but it can be a life organizer too! Add holidays, appointments, meals, chores, and homeschool assignments for EVERYONE in the family! Plus you can see just one person in the calendar or you can choose any or all people to view.

Homeschool Planet - Online Homeschool Planner & Organizer

2. Color Coding

As I mentioned earlier, I love color coding things! Homeschool Planet allows you to color code by task. With things outside the homeschool planner section totally filled in with color. (See the yellow section in my calendar photo.)

Homeschool Planet Calendar View

3. Added Widgets

Around the outside of the main portion of the planner you can add custom widgets like a shopping list, to-do list, inspirational quotes, weather, and a web search option.

4. Digital Notifications

When setting up profiles for each of the members of your family if you add a cell phone and/or e-mail you can send notifications to them. You can automatically have daily or weekly schedule updates e-mailed to them, or create to-do lists and shopping lists to e-mail or text to yourself or your hubby!

Homeschool Planet To-Do List

5. Automated Rescheduling

THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE FEATURES! Did you miss getting to an assignment? No problem! With Homeschool Planet as your online homeschool planner you don’t have to manually go through and update. It will automatically update future assignments accordingly.

6. Printing Options

Sticking with my color coding obsession, with Homeschool Planet you can choose to print in color or in black and white. You can also print in calendar view or list view. Print things like assignment lists, class notes, grade reports, class hours log and transcripts.

Color Coding Print Outs from Homeschool Planet

7. Homeschool Planet is Mobile

Not only can you use Homeschool Planet on your computer. But you can also view and edit your calendar on your smartphone or tablet too! This has been super useful while we are out and about at activities and we make plans or schedule again. Since I can update on my phone I can do it right then and there instead of having to write it down or remember until I get home to add it.

Homeschool Planet Online Homeschool Planner

Try Homeschool Planet As Your Online Homeschool Planner

You can receive a 30 Day Free Trial of Homeschool Planet to check it our for yourself. Love it? Great! You can keep all the data you have entered and sign on for only $65/year through Homeschool Buyers Co-Op (If you aren’t a member already, no worries, it is free to join).

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