Notebooking with Franklin the Turtle

Franklin the Turtle books, and the show were a favorite in our house.  Franklin and his friends played together and faced problems like our kids might face and they always related to him and enjoyed reading about him.

Notebooking with Franklin the Turtle from Starts At Eight


During the elementary ages we do a lot of reading together.  Since all of my children were early readers, they seemed to have reading skills that exceeded their comprehension skills.  I found that reading books like the Franklin the Turtle books, or the Little Bear books together and then creating notebooking pages was a way to reinforce their comprehension of the story, and recollection of events in sequence.

Things to Talk About After Reading Franklin the Turtle Books:

  • The characters in the story – who were they, what role did they play?
  • The moral of the story – ask them what they learned from the story.
  • What was their favorite part or character in the story and why?
  • Talk about the sequencing.  What happened first, next and last?

After talking about the story with your children they can begin to formulate what they want to write on their notebooking pages.  They might want to write about the moral of the story, or talk about a particular character.  I often had my son start out with 3 sentences when he was younger and first doing these.  We would talk about and create a sentence for the beginning, middle, and end of the story.  This helped him to arrange his thoughts and gave him practice with story sequencing.

These Franklin the Turtle Printable Notebooking Pages  were created so that your child can also color the pictures.  If they love to color this gives them an added touch of creativity to their notebooking.  If your child doesn’t enjoy coloring, than just skip the coloring!  There are 8 different Franklin the Turtle Stories inlcluded, plus one blank Franklin the Turtle page so you can read and create a notebooking page for any Franklin the Turtle book!

8 Franklin the Turtle Books Included:

  1. Franklin and the Tooth Fairy
  2. Franklin Is Bossy
  3. Franklin Fibs
  4. Franklin Is Lost
  5. Franklin Is Messy
  6. Franklin Plays the Game
  7. Franklin Rides a Bike
  8. Franklin Has a Sleepover