Learning About Johnny Appleseed and Apples Unit Study

We took advantage of the fall this year by learning about Johnny Appleseed and apples.  I found many free resources online, as well as taking books out of the library to supplement our studies.  We started by picking apples, learning about the life cycle of apples, and making applesauce.

Ava loved picking the apples directly from the tree.  One tree gave us two large bins full of apples, all of which we planned on using for applesauce and pies.  (Not just for us though, both my mother and mother-in-law were taking apples to cook with.)  Chloe just wanted to be up on top of the ladder!  Ava even stopped to eat a small apple or two!

Picking Apples Collage

Learning About Johnny Appleseed and Apples

Learning About Johnny Appleseed and Apples seem to go hand in hand. Fall is a great time to do this because you can go apple picking! {This unit has been updated from its original in 2012}

While Learning about Johnny Appleseed and Apples you can include many different hands on, reading, and printable experiences.

This unit includes things like:

  • How to Make Applesauce
  • Life Cycle of an Apple Tree
  • Apple Fractions
  • Who Was Johnny Appleseed
  • And More!

How to Make Applesauce

I am not sure I have ever made applesauce on my own.  I may have helped my mother here or there but this was my first time doing it with my children.  (Notice I had help from both my mother and mother-in-law!)

Much to our surprise Ava was a trooper when it came to apple peeling!  Not only did she stick with it the whole time, but she was having better luck with it that both Jayden and Chloe!

We basically peeled, cored, and cut apples to fill the pot we were using about 3/4 of the way.  The apples cook down a ton so we could fill it pretty full and not have to worry.  To make it the consistency we wanted we added apple cider (you could use water but the cider gives it a richer apple flavor).

Then of course we added cinnamon and sugar to sweeten it up!  The applesauce freezes really well so we filled many containers to freeze and have throughout the winter.

Making Applesauce Collage

Apple Resources

Apple Tree Life Cycle

1. Apple Pie Tree Book & Lapbook

In The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall,  two young sisters follow the progress of their apple tree through the seasons, from a bare tree in the winter, through the pink blossoms of the spring, to the apple picking in the autumn.

==>> Download FREE Apple Pie Tree Lapbook <<==

2. Life Cycle of an Apple Tree Activity

Using the Life Cycle of an Apple Tree Activity, Ava and I went through the life cycle of an apple tree and made this great paper plate representation of the cycle.

Life Cycle of Apples from Starts At Eight

Johnny Appleseed Resources

After completing our apple study we rolled right in to Johnny Appleseed.  I really love it when we can read books, view videos and do some hands on activities for a unit, and we were able to do that here.

Johnny Appleseed and Apples Lapbook

Since Learning About Johnny Appleseed and Apples go hand in hand so we chose to make a lapbook that included both things.

I compiled various pieces from the resources above as well as these FREE Johnny Appleseed Lapbook Components to complete our lapbook.

Ava loves having these as a representation of what she has accomplished. She keeps them on the bookshelf in her room and often reads through them again and again.

Johnny Appleseed / Apple Unit from Starts At Eight