I (Heart) Faces Challenge for Shana

I had a hard time choosing just one of these photos for this post.  So of course, I have put in more than one!  My friend Shana is involved in a challenge on some place called “I (Heart) Faces”.  This week she posted one on her blog for the challenge called “I (Heart) faces…Autumn Beauty”.  It immediately sparked my memory of this series that I took of Chloe when she was around a year old.

At our old house we had no trees in our yard.  Instead,  all our neighbors’ trees dumped leaves into our yard!  Due to our 6′ high privacy fence, they stayed in our yard!  Thus, we had plenty of work to raking them up every fall.  But before the work could begin, Chloe and I had so much fun piling them up, throwing them, and rolling in them!

I wish the quality of these photos were better but they were before our time of good quality digital SLR cameras!  Anyways, I love the fall time with all the beautiful colors on the trees and falling to the ground!