I ♥ Faces ~ Play

Over at I ♥ Faces  this week the theme is “Play”.  I almost couldn’t choose from this series of photos taken in March.  It was the first really nice day here, a break in the winter dreariness.  They could not wait to get outside and play.  Ava and Chloe spent an eternity taking turns pulling each other in the wagon.  Ava was pretty capable of pulling Chloe in this direction because it was downhill, but going the other way was more of a challenge.  Later in the day it turned into chalk, bubbles and hula hoops!  It was a fantastic reprieve from the cold winter days and we made the most of it!

Week 23 – June 7th – “Play” This is the week to show off your little child, older children or oldest children (a.k.a. your spouse and friends) hard at play. This theme is very open – it can be a child playing in the sand, a hubby strumming his guitar, and older child participating in a sport or a friend sewing their latest creation. Whatever you think fits the theme of “play”…just make sure that there is a human face showing in your photo entry as well.