I ♥ Faces ~ Bundled Up

I ♥ Faces is celebrating the cold weather this week with their theme of “Bundled Up”.  Living in the Northeast certainly means cold weather for more then 50% of the year.  We have so many pictures out in the snow, cutting a Christmas tree, sledding, building igloos and snowmen, ice skating, or just plain out romping around.  The one I chose that came to mind for this photo is one of myself and Ava.  We were sledding with both my brothers and their children, plus Poppy and Gommy that day.  After one run down where Ava was in the front of the toboggan and took a face full of snow, she quickly wanted to be done.  Thus, Ava and I sat atop of the hill on a sled and watched everyone else fly down and trudge back up.

Dec 2008