Homeschool High School Chemistry with Apologia

When I started homeschooling one of the subjects I did not want to teach at home was homeschool high school chemistry. I didn’t want to deal with all the chemicals, nor was I that solid in chemistry myself.


It has been over 15 years since I began homeschooling and I have realized not only can I do more than I thought I could, but there are amazing programs out there to help me do it!

Homeschool High School Chemistry with Apologia


Apologia Homeschool High School Chemistry is a creation-based science course for high schoolers. 

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Easy to Follow Schedule

Apologia Homeschool High School Chemistry’s 16 modules are laid out over 34 weeks. Apologia provides a day by day weekly schedule for you to follow in order to stay on track and cover all the material.

While it is intended to be completed over 5 days each week, you can easily combine things to complete the material in less days per week. For instance, we school on a 4-Day Homeschool Week, so we combine 2 days of reading into one longer day to accommodate this schedule.

Comprehensive Student Notebook

One of the ways in which Apologia science courses excel in my opinion is with their student notebooks. Every science course, from elementary through high school, is accompanied by a spiral bound student notebook.

For high school these notebooks include:

  • Note Taking Pages
  • On Your Own Questions
  • Study Guide Questions 
  • Practice Problems
  • Extra Practice Problems

Each section, beginning with the On Your Own Questions, has space to answer each question and do every problem right in the notebook.

Having an already provided, semi-structured notebook is super helpful for kids to be able to organize their thoughts all in one place, and a great resource when studying for tests.

Learning to take good notes is an important skill that will carry with your children throughout their lives. The Apologia Science Notebooks for the high school sciences include a section on Taking Effective Notes from Science Texts and an accompanying example of how to do it.

Options for All Learning Styles

Every child is different. It’s possible, likely actually, that you will have children who learn in different ways. Apologia has done a good job of covering all their bases in terms of learning styles.

First and foremost they provide a Traditional Textbook option for those who prefer to read the information and see it in print.

The Audio Book version of the textbook is great for auditory learners who learn best hearing the information.

For your visual learners they have Video Instructional Courses containing more than 20 hours of instruction, including on-location video footage, PowerPoint lectures, animated diagrams of difficult concepts, and video presentations of all experiments. 

In the Apologia Online Academy our social learners needs can be met through interaction in real time with both their classmates and a professional instructor in a structured virtual classroom.