Hands-On High School Science Labs Made Easy

When it came to homeschooling high school, being able to offer hands-on high school science labs was a big concern of mine. I had no intention or desire to try and tackle Chemistry labs in particular. All those chemicals! Plus doing high school labs for one can be a time consuming and costly expense!

We are lucky enough to have a local community college where I felt comfortable sending my children in their sophomore/junior years to take Chemistry. I know many either do not have that option or are not ready to send their children into a college environment just yet!

The good news is there is an alternative!

Hands-On High School Science Labs

College Prep Science offers hands-on high school science labs in locations across the United States. {Disclosure: This post is sponsored by College Prep Science. I was compensated for my time in sharing this information.  Please see my full Disclosure Policy for more details.}

Founder and Director of College Prep Science, Greg Landry says, “As a homeschool dad and former college professor, I’m passionate about teaching science, in particular, Christ-centered science to homeschooled students. For our Biology / Anatomy & Physiology two day lab intensives, and our Chemistry two day lab intensives, I have the privilege of interacting with 7th-12th grade students as we cover wide-ranging and in depth college-prep labs and the appropriate background information.”

What You Need to Know About These Hands-On High School Science Labs

1. Two Different Science Labs Are Offered

  1. Biology/Anatomy & Physiology
  2. Chemistry

2. Offered In Various Locations Around the United States

These hands-on high school science labs can be attended at 15 Locations Nationwide! Be sure to check out their Full Lab Schedule!

3. There Are No Prerequisites

Appropriate background information is presented prior to and during each lab that is performed.
These lab intensives can be attended:
  • Before a student takes Biology/Chemistry
  • While a student is taking Biology/Chemistry
  • Or, after a student has taken Biology/Chemistry

4. What You Are Getting

Check out these hands-on high school science labs! 

Online Science Classes

Besides the lab intensives, College Prep Science also offers online science classes!

These are full courses offered in one or two semesters and include sciences such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and more for both kids in grades 6-12.