10 Fall Leaf Crafts & Activities

One of the things I love about living in New York is the changing of the seasons. While I don’t enjoy winter so much, without it we could have the beautiful fall colors. Every year we set out to take nature walks that allow us to breathe the crisp fall air and enjoy the colorful leaves as they change and fall. It is also a great time to do Fall Leaf Crafts & Activities.

10 Fall Leaf Crafts & Activities from Starts At Eight. Get into the fall season with fall crafts, fall art projects, and fall activities. 10 easy projects that you probably have most of the materials for already. Great for homeschool art projects, crafting, and more!

I have put together a resource list of some of our favorite fall leaves crafts. Most are easy to do, and you most likely have the supplies right on hand!

Fall Leaf Crafts & Activities

1. Zentangle Fall Leaf Art Project

Zentangle Fall Leaf Art Project

2. Layered Pastel Leaves

Pastel Layered Leaves

3. Felt Leaf Garland

Felt Leaf Garland

4. Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves Craft

5. Leaf Squirrel Paper Craft

Leaf Squirrel Paper Craft

6. FREE Fall Adult Coloring Pages

FREE Fall Adult Coloring Pages

7. Preserve Fall Leaves

Preserve Fall Leaves

8. Easy Marbled Fall Leaves

Easy Marbled Fall Leaves

9. Fall Window Art: Leaf Suncatchers

Fall Window Art: Leaf Suncatchers

10. Autumn Leaf Lanterns

Autumn Leaf Lanterns

Fall Leaves Fall

Fall Leaves Fall from Starts At Eight

Fall Leaves Fall is a collection of fall leaf picture books as well as a Nature Treasure Collections craft which entails heading out on a nature walk and collecting some treasures from the ground (never pull things off trees/plants) and using them to create a fun treasure collection display!

Chloe's 3D Fall Leaves Project