HoliMaths X – Educational Multiplication Game

Multiplication can be an early sticking point along the math journey for many kids. Through the years we have seen and used many approaches to teaching/learning multiplication. One thing I have learned is that making multiplication (or anything else for that matter) fun, will not only speed up the learning process, but make it a much smoother process. Using an educational multiplication game is a great alternative to using straight flash cards for learning the basic multiplication facts.

HoliMaths X - An Educational Multiplication Game from Starts At Eight

I am so excited to share with you a new educational multiplication game that I was recently introduced to! HoliMaths X Multiplication game is a family multiplication strategy card game for ages 7 & up. It is designed to be not only an educational multiplication game, but to encourage higher and lower order thinking skills such as creative thinking, critical thinking, and logical reasoning as well as building character skills such as honesty, responsibility, and cooperation during play.

{I received HoliMath X as part of this review and I was compensated for my time in writing it. All views are my own and I was not required to write a positive review. Please see my full Disclosure Policy for more details.}

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HoliMaths X Educational Multiplication Game

HoliPlays Math X

Color Coding

Right off the bat the first thing I noticed and loved about HoliMaths X is the coloring! (You might first notice that my box is in Spanish. Mine is a first edition. The full English instructions are provided to download in .pdf files and the Second Edition will have the box printed in English as well as instructions in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German too!)

HoliPlays Math X

Not only are the colors bright and fun, but they are coordinated across the game pieces for easier reference and play flow. This was especially important for my youngest because she could easily find and reference the correct multiplication problem on her HelpCard due to the color coordination. It made for a much faster and less frustrating play experience than if it were not color coded.

Multiple Play Options

There are two boxes of playing materials, each coded with different colors. There is a box using the numbers 1 to 6, and the second box contains the 7 to 10 multiplication facts. One of the many benefits of the HoliMaths X game is the numerous -10, yes 10 – different play variations.

  1. Original
  2. Stairs
  3. Expert
  4. Genius
  5. Focus
  6. Fast
  7. Fast Expert
  8. Alert
  9. Alert Expert
  10. Solitaire

Wide Age Range of Players

HoliMaths X Multiplication Game

Not only is HoliMaths X great for those learning multiplication, but it is fun and engaging for a wide range of ages!

Have children younger than 7 or ones struggling with multiplication? No problem! Can choose to use just the 1 to 6 facts to start as well as playing simpler game variations. You can also hand out the HelpCards to make it easier for anyone to play!

Have older children that need more of a challenge? Got that covered too! Use the 7 to 12 facts to make it more challenging or take away their HelpCard! You can also choose a more difficult play variation to increase the challenge.

Our Playing Notes

HoliMaths X Multiplication Game

  1. We opted not to keep score some of the time as my competitive little one would get frustrated. This was easy to do and the game play still flowed we just ended the game when someone was out of cards and didn’t finish by adding scores.
  2. To make the game flow more easily (or to make it more challenging) you can easily impart time limits. We did this in various ways. We often shortened our son’s time down so he had to think quickly while playing. This offered him a challenge and his sister more of a chance as we gave her more time. To keep time we used a little kitchen timer, or if we were going to keep each person’s time the same we borrowed a sand timer from another game. (This is one improvement that is being considered in HoliPlays Stretch Goals for this game.)

HoliMaths X Multiplication Game is a new and innovative way to teach kids their multiplication facts without making it boring or tedious. With so many play variation options and accommodations for the new or struggling learner, there is bound to be something for everyone! I am thrilled to be able to add this to my teaching resources as well as our family game cabinet!

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