Indispensable Edtech Tools For Homeschooling

Homeschoolers have the advantage of picking and choosing what technologies they bring into their home-based classrooms. They may not be at a traditional school building, but the options for learning are endless.

What is great about homeschooling is that the experience can be much more catered towards student’s specific needs and learning styles. Whether it be a parent or a private tutor that works from the home, it’s important to find the right technologies for each student.

Indispensable Edtech Tools For Homeschooling from Starts At Eight

There are plenty of resources available now online, however it can be confusing to know where to begin and to know which tools are going to be useful for homeschooling. This list has narrowed it down for you. Review our list of these top 10 reputable sources and begin your own blended learning techniques today.

Edtech Tools for Homeschooling

1. Play Posit – Homeschoolers can use this resource to search for educational videos. Users can customize any video to create a more interactive experience, as well as better understand student learning with useful and engaging response displays.

2. Prezi – This presentation software is a wonderful tool for homeschoolers and parents. Parents can create stunning and engaging interactive presentations, and homeschool students can use it to complete assignments or projects.

3. Live Binders – This site is exactly what it sounds like – a virtual binder. Instead of putting together a three-ring traditional binder full of research and study materials, homeschoolers can use this digital resource to organize, find research and other learning materials.

4. Showbie – Even homeschoolers could stand to use less paper. Use Showbie for digital submission of work, so that everything is in one place, organized and easy to access for reference if necessary.

5. Kerpoof – This fun source from Disney offers homeschool students access to creative learning games and interactive online activities that are not only educational, but entertaining and engaging as well.

6. Educreations – This is a great way for homeschoolers to better understand their learning materials. Parents can use the Educreations to develop engaging and effective lessons with their iPad, making it easy to interact and better reach their students. {This is a FREE iPad App}

7. Desmos – This math resource will help homeschoolers to better graph and understand functions and plot data tables, as well as explore other aspects of mathematics. It allows users to create what used to only be completed on a graphing calculator.

8. PearDeck – This interactive and engaging tool is a new way to present a slideshow. The presentation is controlled via tablets or digital devices, and impromptu interactive questions making the tool a digital white board and learning tool.

Homeschoolers may be some of the biggest edtech users. “According to one recent poll, 64% of homeschooling parents reported that they use technology every day in their homeschool with 87% saying they will use technology even more in the future” (Balfire Labs).

Whether your homeschooling currently includes technology or not, you should begin to discover all that the World Wide Web has to offer. From less-expensive, if not free, calculators, to essay writing guides, there is something for students of all levels.

And with technology offering so many options to homeschoolers and their teachers (or parents), it seems silly to ignore the positive effects. So get started today and use this list as a jumping off point. Stay motivated and consistent, and start enhancing the home learning experience today!

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