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Our math journey has been a long and winding road. Our teen has been through numerous math curricula during her school journey. Needless to say, I am always looking for fun and engaging ways for my children to work with math.

My younger two love to play video games. Give them a computer or an iPad and they are off and running! As they are working their way up to higher and higher math levels I have been thrilled to find some fun, interactive games for them to play.

Fun DragonBox Geometry App from Starts At Eight

About the DragonBox Elements Geometry App

My latest find is the Dragon Box Apps. {I received the DragonBox Elements Geometry App for free and was compensated for my time in writing this review. However these are my honest opinions and I was not required to post a positive review. Please see my full Disclosure Policy for more details.} They currently have two levels of Algebra (5+ and 12+), as well as the Elements app (Geometry for ages 9-11).

DragonBox Elements includes more that 100 levels where your child can explore the properties, definitions and relations of geometric shapes.

What I Love About the DragonBox Elements Geometry App

DragonBox Elements Figures

1. Depth of Levels

The depth of levels in the DragonBox Elements Geometry App is one of the first things that caught my eye. Sometimes you can find a learning game that is great, but lacks the depth to be something your children will get hours of learning from.

DragonBox Elements Power

This is not the case with DragonBox! As I said before, there are more than 100 levels that introduce 10 different figures (Things like Triangulum, Isosceles, Rhombus, Rectangulum and more!) and 19 different rules/”powers” (Things like basic definitions of the figures, properties of the different figures, and how they relate to each other).

2. Multiple Players

When you have more than one child in your house you will totally understand why I love this feature, and trust me, this is one that not all games/apps include!

DragonBox Elements allows up to 4 different player profiles! That means that both my 12 year old and 9 year old don’t have to fight over it, and be concerned that the other is going to play and interfere with where they were in the game! They each have their own profiles so they can go at their own pace and not miss out on anything!

3. Affordable Math Assistance

At currently around $5 on both Google Play and iTunes DragonBox offers affordable math assistance, served up in a fun and engaging game.

Couple together the low cost and the number of different player profiles you can have, and you have an awesome option for homeschoolers to have a fun, educational game on their devices for their children to play with.

4. Video Walkthroughs

Having trouble with a Chapter? No problem! DragonBox created video walkthroughs of each to help you and your child along!

5. FREE Teacher’s and Parent’s Manuals Available Online

These are a big bonus in my opinion! In the Parent Manual there is a chart of all the figures, and rules/”powers” that you find it the game.

DragonBox Elements Parent's Manual from Starts At Eight

This has been extremely helpful for me as I am not following along with everything my 12 year old is accomplishing in the game. Having printed out the chart helps me to have a quick reference to know where he is at, and to give me a little information to help him along when he gets stuck.

Get the DragonBox Elements Geometry App

DragonBox Elements Cover Shot

Ready to have some fun with your kids while teaching geometry concepts at the same time?

Here is where can you find the DragonBox Elements Geometry App:

You can also enter to win a FREE access to DragonBox! 100 winners will receive access to the web-based version of the Algebra and Geometry apps from We Want to Know.  No mobile device necessary! This is offer is valid for anyone in the world.

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