A Right of Passage


Our New Cutting Obsession

One Sunday early in November as I lay on the couch, a little under the weather, Ava sat on the floor in front of me.  She was cutting a piece of paper like she has so many times before.   Cutting paper is a new past time for her, and I think she is pretty adept with scissors for a 3 year old.  If you look at the picture on the left, you can see how into it she is.  You can also see how her hair hangs down over her face and arms when I don’t put it up.  As I stayed still on the couch on Sunday, I thought to myself that I should put her hair up so it wasn’t so close to the scissors.  My body just wasn’t moving though!

I know, I know, you see what is coming…..she cuts her hair!  The funny thing is that I kept thinking how lucky I was to have avoided this childhood ritual.  Neither Chloe nor Jayden cut their own hair.  But as my mom so kindly pointed out to me, I did not let them have free reign of the scissors like I do with Ava.  I guess it is true when they say you get more and more lax as each child comes along! 🙂

So the story gets even more ridiculous!  Ava was sitting just under my line of sight as she was cutting.  Jayden was sitting on the other couch, totally into the football game, and he said something to me about her hair.  I totally blew him off as I was half asleep and thought she was sitting right in front of me, so how could she have cut her hair?  A chunk of time went by, maybe 20 minutes or so, Ava even climbed up in my lap a few times.  I never noticed that her hair


Bye Bye Long Hair...Hello Bangs!

was cut!  When I finally schlepped myself off the couch there was a big pile of hair on the floor!  It took me what seemed like minutes to even figure out where it had come from.  Upon inspection of Ava’s head I finally realized she had cut that front tuft of hair that you see hanging over her head in the picture.  She has never had bangs before, but now she does!  Most of it is in her eyes when we leave it down so now I put her hair up in these little front pigtails to keep the shorter hair out of her face!