5 Homeschool Room Organization Essentials

While not everyone has the space for a designated homeschool room, nor does everyone want a designated homeschool room, there are those of us that couldn’t live without one! When we moved from our first home in 2008 I was looking specifically for a home that had a space to be my designated homeschool room. Having a space to keep everything together and to keep the clutter contained was important to me.  Along with that I have certain Homeschool Room Organization Essentials that make the flow of the room possible.

5 Homeschool Room Organization Essentials from Starts At Eight

When looking for Homeschool Room Organization Essentials I had tons to consider:

  • I will finally have all my books together, what will I do with them all?
  • There are SO many craft supplies do I have a good way to store them but still have them easily accessible?
  • I don’t want all the little school supply essentials floating all around the room, how will I keep them together and organized?

Our Homeschool Room

So that you can see how we have set up our homeschool room, I will start by sharing what Our Homeschool Room looks like.

Homeschool Room Bookshelves and Craft Storage from Starts At Eight

Homeschool Room Bookshelves from Starts At Eight

Homeschool Room Organization Essentials

1. Bookshelves

Maybe not every homeschooler is like myself, and totally book obsessed, but I think when you do homeschool you tend to have more books than the average person. I used to have books in every room, in every closet, box, nook and cranny. It made it so when I needed something it was hard to find.

Thus our homeschool room has plenty of bookshelves. We custom made the bookshelves to fit our space using brackets and shelves from the closet organization section of our local hardware store. They are used not only for books but for other storage as well.

You can see how we Organize Our Homeschool Bookshelves here.

Organize Your Homeschool Bookshelves from Starts At Eight

2. Cardboard File Boxes

We use cardboard file boxes for storage because they are cheap, uniform in size, and sturdy enough to hold all the craft stuff we put in them. I kept the bottom shelf of my bookshelves up high enough to accommodate stacking two of these on top of each other. They hold all of our craft supplies such as ribbon, foam, felt, fabric, yarn, paper, and more.

What makes these so great is that they look neat and uniform on the shelf. You can even pay a little extra for more decorative cardboard file boxes.

3. Shoe Box Sized Plastic Bin

Mini Drawers & Shoe Box Bins

Shoe box sized clear plastic storage bins are my go to accessory for keeping things like crayons, markers, stickers, glue, scissors, tape, etc. all together and organized. They are part of my Top 10 Must Have Homeschool Items!

I used notecards to label each one simply by taping them on the inside of each bin. We have one for Crayons/Markers, Glue/Scissors/Tape, Stickers, and a catch all for smaller supplies like staplers, push pins, paperclips, etc.

I also like these 3 Drawer Mini Units to put things like boxes of erasers, pencil holders, rulers, etc. in.

4. A Closed Cabinet

Clutter is a pet peeve of mine. For this reason a cabinet that has doors to close helps to give the appearance of order, even if it is a disaster inside! I even took it a step further and put some storage drawers inside for further organization.

Closed Cabinet vs. Open Cabinet

5. Magazine Holders

Magazine Holders

Last year I started using Magazine Holders to organize my children’s textbooks, notebooks, and folders. It makes it easier for the kids to find their own books, as well as to know exactly where to put them away so there are no excuses!

I even have one for “MOM” that contains things like answer keys, syllabus lists, and printed tests for the year. This allows me to pull that one magazine holder and have all my things right there!

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