I ♥ Faces – “I Wanna Dance”

Over at  I ♥ Faces the challenge this week is “I Wanna Dance”.  The pictures that are posted there for the contest are WAY out of my league!  However, I do like having a fresh idea in mind while searching my photos and memories for yet another blog post.  As dances go, the immediate thought might be from a wedding.  In my case my thoughts fall to my littlest runt and her many opportunities she finds to shake her rump!  Particularly this past fall when we were on an expedition  to our local “swamp” and back.  She works it out with the garden tools in hand!  First, I have put in a single photo to enter for the I ♥ Faces challenge.  Then, because I had trouble choosing just one, for my friends and family I included a series of four.

Here is my I ♥ Faces “I Wanna Dance” photo entry:

Here is my series of pictures for my friends and family: