Magnets and Magnetism Lapbook & Activities

Magnets and Magnetism offer a ton of fun hands on science experiments that you can easily do in your home. Here we have collected some resources to help you along in your study of magnets and magnetism.
Magnets & Magnetism Resources

Magnet and Magnetism Facts

  1. Magnets are objects that produce an area of magnetic force called a magnetic field.
  2. Magnetic fields by themselves are invisible to the human eye.
  3. Iron filings can be used to show magnetic fields created by magnets.
  4. Magnets only attract certain types of metals, other materials such as glass, plastic and wood aren’t attracted.
  5. Metals such as iron, nickel and cobalt are attracted to magnets. Most metals however are not attracted to magnets, some of these metals include copper, silver, gold, magnesium, platinum, and aluminium.
  6. Magnetism can attract magnetic objects or push them away.
  7. Magnets have a magnetic north pole and a magnetic south pole. If the same pole of two magnets are placed near each other they will repel each other (push away), while if different poles are placed near each other they will attract (pull together).
  8. Magnetic objects must be inside the magnetic field to respond, which is why you may have to move a magnet closer for it to have an effect.
  9. Magnetic compasses use the Earth’s magnetic field to help navigate in north, south, east and west directions.

Free Magnet and Magnetism Resources

The Magic School Bus Attracted to Magnificent Magnets Kit

  • Magnets Lapbook – Photos and ideas for a simple lapbook about magnets.  You can also download some of the templates for this at Homeschool Share (Scroll down to the “m” section and see “Magnets”)
  • Magnetism on YouTube – this is a list of great video resources that pertain to magnetism.

Edu Science Magnet LabWe bought an Edu Science Know How? The Science of Magnetismto help us experiment with magnets.

Ava really wanted to make a compass and that is just one of the activities included in this kit. The kids started by playing “soccer” with magnets.

While Jayden continued with soccer, Ava moved on to figuring out how to make the car work in her favor!  Needless to say they both really enjoyed this kit and still have multiple projects left to explore.

Magnets Collage