I ♥ Faces ~ Celebrating Mom

In searching for a photo that celebrates “Mom”, many ideas went through my head, from pregnancy, to the 3 smiling faces of my children, to the exhausted not so fantastically flattering moments in my photo history and back again.  Since I am not for the not so flattering ones of me, I decided to skip those.  But I can find nothing better to celebrate “Mom” than the things that made me “Mom” in the first place, my children.  So I choose to demonstrate the celebration of everything “Mom” by choosing a photo that includes at least one of my happy children because they are the joy and meaning in my life.

This is what I ♥ Faces has to say about this weeks challenge:  We will just have finished celebrating Mother’s Day and we’d like to continue that by celebrating mom here at i heart faces this week. Mom doesn’t necessarily have to be in the photo, but your photo must illustrate “celebrating mom” somehow, some way (this is imperative if you’d like your photo to be passed on to this week’s judge.) Be creative and have fun…but make sure that you do have a human face in your photo entry.