Adventurous Mailbox Cultural Education for Kids

We are studying world geography in our house this year. From my teen down to my eight year old we have been doing things like creating atlases, and playing geography games. One thing we haven’t gotten a lot of is cultural education. For instance the languages, customs, architecture and more of the places we are finding on our maps. In walks Adventurous Mailbox!

Adventurous Mailbox Cultural Education for Kids from Starts At Eight

What arrives in the mail just for your child, with endless hours of learning and fun inside? Why Adventurous Mailbox of course!

Adventurous Mailbox Cultural Education for Kids

Adventurous Mailbox Arrives from Starts At Eight

Adventurous Mailbox Arrives!

It begins with getting an awesome package in the mail! Then from nighttime reading, to fun daytime online play, to great homeschool education enrichment, Adventurous Mailbox has it all!

Adventurous Mailbox Collage from Starts At Eight

We were sent the first series of 8 books to try out in our home. While we were given this set and I was compensated for my time to write this review, my opinions are my own, and I definitely recommend this product to others! (See my full Disclosure Policy for more details.)

The Adventurous Mailbox Adventurer Package ($79 which includes shipping) arrived to my daughter straight from Taiwan. Let me tell you how impressive the packaging is, from a thick, colorful outside to the decorated insides of the box which contains a letter directly addressed to your child as well as the set of books! (You can also add on to the base package and have the books sent monthly instead – $20) **There is a discount code at the end**

Adventurous Mailbox Box of 8 Books from Starts At Eight

Each book (geared toward kids ages 8-12 with a reading level of 4-5th grade) takes your child to a new country like Finland, Taiwan, Brazil and Peru, through the eyes of 12 year old Crameye Junker. In each country he is interacting with and experiencing the local culture, as well as including mythological characters, and historical figures. (Ebook versions will be available soon!)

They are written in letter form as if to your child from Crameye himself. While they have the first series of 8 books out now, Adventurous Mailbox plans to have a total of five series (40 books), all with accompanying lessons.

Online Adventurous Mailbox Adventure

Beyond the box with the books to read, inside the letter is a secret code for your child to enter into Crameye’s World online!

Some of my daughter’s favorite parts were learning about the art and architecture around the world, listening to different languages being spoken, and turning on the built in radio to listen to music from other countries! Below you will find a brief video clip of her playing a game and listening to the music from Carmeye’s World.

There is also tons of information about animals, food, a place to look at the blogs from the characters of the books, a forum and so much more!

Adventurous Mailbox Teacher’s Lounge

As an add on to the base package you can get access to the Teacher’s Lounge ($20) where there are lesson plans to go along with the books. Each book has its own extensive plans with things like vocabulary fun, comprehension, writing, projects and more to extended the cultural learning experience for your children.

Adventurous Mailbox Teacher's Lounge Options

I can’t say enough about these lesson plans! You have the option to download them in Word or as a pdf, in sections or as a whole, and there are not only separate sheets for your kids, but a teacher’s manual as well! These are worth way more than the $20 you will spend for this add on.

The lesson were easily printed, hole punched, and placed in folders that my daughter could decorate as she wished!

My daughter is 8 so she is just on the cusp of the independent end of this program (You can certainly use this with younger children if you read to/with them). She is a strong reader and had no problems reading the books. What I loved from the start about the vocabulary was the humor and fun that extended right into it from Crameye in the books.

Adventurous Mailbox Comprehension Questions from Starts At Eight

Then the comprehension questions were not all just simple straightforward questions (the first question for Finland used the terminology (“which of the following can we NOT assume?”), but a little in-depth, often including page numbers to help your child out.

Purchase Adventurous Mailbox

Adventurous Mailbox takes your child beyond the map by placing them in a country with a first hand look at the world around them. It enhances their geography and history studies through in depth cultural education that incorporates other things like science with animals, writing, and more! All while your child is engaged and having fun!


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